Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our visit to Indiana

Earlier this month we flew to Indiana to visit Mike's family. It was wonderful to spend time with Mike's extended family and get some quality time in with Grandma Robin and Grandpa Dave. We were there a full week, but it seemed like our time flew by. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Timothy, Kristen and Andrew, the 3 cousins on Mike's side of the family. We were thrilled to have several opportunities to get the three children together. Aren't they adorable?

Timmy and I enjoyed hanging out on Aunt Melanie and Uncle Roger's porch in Noblesville, Indiana.

Here is a box full of children! Kristen joined Mike's cousins' children in this huge box and had a blast.

Meanwhile, Timmy was watching the Cubs with Great Grandpa Bob

Bloomington is home to this HUGE playground. This is only a portion of the playground. Kristen and Timmy (well all of us really) had a great time playing here. Kristen even went down those big slides.

Timmy practiced walking with Daddy.

Kristen and Grandma Robin went down slides together!

Timmy loved the swings.

Kristen had fun on the swing too!

After we got home Kristen helped Grandpa Dave make bread

We also went to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. We had a great time. Here Timmy is peeking out from a big log in the science exploration section.

Kristen and Daddy built an arch

Kristen got a little confused and turned around in the funny mirror maze

She also got to ride the carousel

And excavate a dinosaur. The museum was lots of fun!

On our last night in Indiana, Grandma Robin got to pose for some pictures with her 3 grandchildren. This was moments before chaos ensued.

Chaos! That Andrew sure is cute and he certainly knows how to liven up a photo shoot.

And here are the 4 of us on our last night in Indiana. We had a great time and look forward to seeing our Indiana family again.

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